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Spotless 2.0.5 (Leopard Edition)

for Mac OS X 10.5.x

Single User License:

$8.95 (USD)
Upgrade: $4.95 (USD)

Family License:

$29.95 (USD)
Upgrade: $15.95 (USD)
Sidegrade from Single License for $22.95 (USD)

Site License:

$225.95 (USD)
Upgrade: $119.95 (USD)

World License:

$449.95 (USD)
Upgrade: $239.95 (USD)


System Requirements:

Mac OS X version 10.5.x

How much does it cost to use?

Product pricing is listed at the top of this page. Spotless is shareware. That means you can download it and try it out for free, but if you use it you should register your copy. An unregistered copy of Spotless will display a reminder message for 15 seconds each time it is run. The Background Processing, Administrator-free, Dialog-free, Spotlight Menu options, Live Updating and multiple volume control features are only available to registered users. A great deal of time and trouble went into the research and construction of this application. Your support will help in the continued development of this and other useful Mac OS X applications.

Product Description:

Spotless is a simple utility designed to enable and disable Spotlight content indexing of volumes with the click of a button.

Spotlight content indexing can cause major slow-downs on volumes that are used for backup purposes, video rendering, Photoshop scratch disks, and a wide variety of tasks that involve the transfer of large amounts of data. Spotless can effectively and indefinitely disable the indexing of volumes that you specify. Even if the volume is a removable device, the indexing status is remembered when you remount it - even on a different computer!

Simply adding volumes to Spotlight's privacy list does not achieve the same results as using Spotless. You may cause the Metadata Server to crash, and the volumes may be indexed the next time you mount them. Also, while adding volumes to the privacy list disables content indexing, it also prevents you from finding the files by name.

Spotless allows you to delete existing Spotlight indexes. This will free up the space used by the index files on volumes that are no longer being indexed. You may also delete indexes on volumes that are being indexed. This will cause Spotlight to reindex the volume - especially useful if your index becomes damaged.

If you are having difficulties with Spotlight indexing, it could be because the ".Spotlight-V100" directory on the volume has become damaged in some way. Spotless provides a quick way to delete this directory and set the initial indexing status of the volume. In order to set the indexing status, the ".Spotlight-V100" directory will be recreated.

Spotless will automatically find and delete the "mds-crash-state" file from selected volumes. The file may be created if the Metadata Server crashed or was unexpectedly closed during the indexing process. The presence of this file can prevent Spotlight from indexing the volume in the future.

Spotless allows you to see exact size of the index directory on each volume.

Spotless also includes an on/off switch for Spotlight.

Please note that if you turn Spotlight off completely, searching will not be available until Spotlight is turned back on. This includes the "find" functionality of the Finder. You should only disable Spotlight if you really do not want Spotlight running on your computer.

Spotless 2 main window

The buzz about Spotless:

"Various tweaks and incantations for fixing [Spotlight Indexing problems] are floating around the Web, but the solution I’ve settled on is Fixamac Software’s Spotless [...], which gives you per-volume control over Spotlight indexing."

        ~ Dan Frakes, editor of the MacFixIt web site, columnist for Macworld Magazine and author of Mac OS X Power Tools, Second Edition.

Legal Statement

Spotless is shareware and cannot be distributed via any means without prior authorization from Fixamac Software, Inc.
Fixamac Software, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any accidental data loss or other damages incurred through the use of the program. Please make sure you back up important files before using.

Apple, AppleScript, Macintosh, Mac OS X and Spotlight are trademarks of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved and respected.

Spotless is © 2005 - 2012 Fixamac Software, Inc.

Recent Product news:

Spotless 2.0.5 released. This version adds better support for user's home directory paths that contain spaces when using background processing, fixes a bug that prevented Spotless working normally if it was setup as a hidden login item and fixes a bug that prevented the background processing LaunchDaemon file from being removed when background processing was disabled.

Spotless 2.0.4 released. This version fixes a bug that prevented Spotless from working with volmes that it was unable to read the Protocol and / or File System information from. We also fixed a bug that prevented Spotless from reporting errors correctly if it was unable to enable or disable indexing of a volume. The registration system was also updated to support the new Family License option.

Spotless 2.0.3 released. This version fixes a bug that would cause Spotless to incorrectly identify Time Machine backup volumes under certain conditions. Also, the Spotless window position as well as the size are saved between launches. This feature is now available to unregistered users.

Spotless 2.0.2 released. This version fixes a bug that would cause Spotless to become unresponsive if it was unable to read the file system information from any volume. We also added support of Time Machine backup volumes. Since these volumes cannot have their indexing disabled permanently, Spotless no longer attempts to modify them.

Spotless 2.0.1 LE released. This version adds support for volumes in the Spotlight Privacy list, greater support for volumes with no Spotlight index, support for the invisible .metadata_never_index file, fixes a bug with the Japanese registration system and many other under the hood improvements.

© 2012 Fixamac Software, Inc.