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Printer Setup Repair 5.1.2 (Tiger Edition)

for Mac OS X 10.4.x

Single User License:

$19.95 (USD)
Upgrades start at $9.95 (USD)

Family License:

$54.95 (USD)
Upgrades start at $24.95 (USD)
Sidegrade from Single License for $39.95 (USD)

Site License:

$499.95 (USD)
Upgrades start at $139.95 (USD)

World License:

$999.95 (USD)
Upgrades start at $269.95 (USD)


Six versions of this application are available:

Print Therapy

Snow Leopard Edition
Mac OS X 10.6.x

Print Therapy

Leopard Edition
Mac OS X 10.5.x

Printer Setup Repair

Tiger Edition
Mac OS X 10.4.x

Printer Setup Repair

Panther Edition
Mac OS X 10.3.x

Print Center Repair

Jaguar Edition
Mac OS X 10.2.x

Print Center Repair

Puma Edition
Mac OS X 10.1.x

System Requirements:

Mac OS X version 10.4.x
Minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600

How much does it cost to use?

Product pricing is listed above. Printer Setup Repair is shareware. That means you can download it and try it out for free, but if you use it you should register your copy. An unregistered copy of Printer Setup Repair 5.x will run as a trial version for 7 days from the day of first use. After 7 days have passed, it will no longer run unless registered. A great deal of time and effort went into the research and construction of this application. Your support will help in the continued development of this and other useful Mac OS X applications.

Product Description:

Printer Setup Repair is designed to rectify situations where the Printer Setup Utility will not open, printers cannot be added, CUPS fails to operate, and numerous other errors. Although Printer Setup Repair cannot fix every printing problem, it is capable of resolving most of the common ones. Printer Setup Repair can also be used to delete unwanted printer drivers, remove a build up of spool files, and recreate the /tmp symbolic link.

Printer Setup Repair 5.x allows the user to do the following:

  • Backup and restore the printing system
  • Verify and recreate the root user
  • Verify and recreate the lp user
  • Verify and recreate the lp group
  • Verify and repair the Printer Setup Utility file permissions
  • Verify and repair the /System/Library directory permissions
  • Verify and repair the CUPS directories
  • Verify and repair the /Library directory permissions
  • Verify and repair the home user Library directories
  • Reset the Printer Setup Utility
  • Delete CUPS spool files
  • Verify and repair the /private/tmp directory
  • Stop, start, or restart the cupsd process
  • View and modify the hostconfig file
  • Replace the cupsd.conf file
  • Delete hidden temporary files
  • Delete all Printer Setup Utility preferences
  • Calculate the directory size of the pre-installed drivers
  • Delete the pre-installed drivers
  • Repair OS 9 permissions
  • Delete PrintMonitor spool files
  • Delete OS 9 printing preferences
  • Install OS 9 and OS X PPD files
  • Delete OS 9 and OS X PPD files
  • View the CUPS access_log file
  • View the CUPS error_log file
  • View the CUPS page_log file

Printer Setup Repair 5.x (Tiger Edition)

The buzz about Printer Setup Repair:

"The shareware Printer Setup Repair offers a variety of printing-related "fixes." [It] can repair problems with printing spools and the CUPS directory itself, delete troublesome temp and preference files, and even delete printer drivers (by manufacturer). It also keeps a log of all of its functions. Printer Setup Repair is one of the best troubleshooting utilities available for Mac OS X, in my opinion."

        ~ Dan Frakes, editor of the MacFixIt web site, columnist for Macworld Magazine and author of Mac OS X Power Tools, Second Edition.

"I really like the interface, it is very clean and easy to follow. From a trouble shooting standpoint, access to the logs from the PSR menu is very useful. The best part of PSR is it does what is needed, and very quickly I might add."

        ~ Scott Immerman, member of the Apple Consultants Network, and founder of S.E.A.L. Systems - a Los Angeles based Macintosh consulting agency.

Macworld June 2005 edition: Featured in the "Six steps to fast Mac troubleshooting ~Secrets of Mac superheroes" section.

Printer Setup Repair was awarded Silver in both the 2005 and 2006 MacFixIt Toolbox Awards.

Legal Statement

Printer Setup Repair is shareware and cannot be distributed via any means without prior authorization from Fixamac Software, Inc.
Fixamac Software, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any accidental data loss or other damages incurred through the use of the program. Please make sure you back up important files before using.

Printer Setup Repair is © 2003 - 2012 Fixamac Software, Inc.

Recent Product news:

Printer Setup Repair 5.1.2 released. This version will now preserve the main window's size and position between launches. The registration system has also been updated to support the new Family License option.

Printer Setup Repair 5.1.1 released. In this version, we have improved the /private/tmp directory repairs that might be offered during the launch of Printer Setup Repair, improved detection and replacement of outdated cupsd.conf files, and improved the system user verification and repair process. We also fixed a bug that would allow Icon files to show up in the PPD file lists and a bug that prevented FileVault protected users from using the Reset & Backup section of Printer Setup Repair. Many additional code changes too numerous to mention were also made.

Printer Setup Repair 5.1 released. This long awaited version has an interface update that now uses a standard toolbar. Full support for CUPS 1.2.x has been added to the permission repairs and CUPS Tools. The PPD section received a total overhaul, as did the reset and backup/restore section. We also added an administrator-free mode. There are many more changes and improvements.

Printer Setup Repair 5.0.5 TE released. This version fixes an issue with the registration system that prevented the authentication dialog from appearing immediately after registering, and some bugs that occur after hiding and showing the application.

Printer Setup Repair 5.0.4 TE released. The new version is a universal binary for Intel Mac compatibility. The backup and restore feature has been improved and there were several bug fixes.

© 2012 Fixamac Software, Inc.