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 Fixamac Software News

Spotless 4.0.0 for Mac OS X 10.7 released. This version of Spotless has been updated to be fully compatible with Lion.

We realize that now that Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) has been released, a lot of you will be wanting to upgrade Spotless and Print Therapy. Currently, we do not have Lion compatible versions of these products. Rest assured that we are working hard on the next versions and will have them released as soon as possible.

Print Therapy 7.0.4 released. This version adds support for Mac OS X 10.6.8. The process of gathering permission data prior to permission repairs is now much faster. PPDs are now listed in alphabetical order in the PPD Inspection list regardless of name case and population of the PPD Inspection list is now much faster. Switching between PPD directories in the PPD Inspection tab no longer clears the Inspection list. Instead, the list can be refreshed manually. Printer driver data is now gathered much faster.

Print Therapy 7.0.3 released. This version corrects a minor incompatibility issue with Mac OS X 10.6.7. We also fixed a bug that could prevent the activity logging feature from operating normally under certain conditions.

Print Therapy 7.0.2 released. In this version we switched the order in which permission repairs are performed so that the owner and group information is adjusted before file permission bits are changed.

Print Therapy 7.0.1 released. This version has been recompiled to be compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit system architectures.

The initial release of Print Therapy 7 has caused a few problems for our friends using older Intel based Macs. We had intended to release Print Therapy to be both 32 bit and 64 bit compatible. Unfortunately, version 7.0.0 was inadvertently compiled to be compatible with 64 bit system architectures only. We will be releasing an update shortly that will support 32 bit systems and apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

We have reduced the price of our existing Print Therapy / Printer Setup Repair / Print Center Repair product lines to allow us to introduce the new Print Therapy 7 at a reasonable price. As always, upgrade paths from all previous versions to the newest offering have been provided.

Print Therapy 7.0.0 released. This version supports Mac Os X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). We have added a number of additional items to the permission repair section. Preference files are now checked for internal corruption and their status displayed in the preference file list. The activity log can now be archived according to a schedule. There were many additional code changes and improvements. The application icon was redesigned. We hope you like it.

Spotless 2.0.5 released. This version adds better support for user's home directory paths that contain spaces when using background processing, fixes a bug that prevented Spotless working normally if it was setup as a hidden login item and fixes a bug that prevented the background processing LaunchDaemon file from being removed when background processing was disabled.

Print Therapy 6.0.7 released. This version adds additional Mac OS X 10.5.8 support. The process of upgrading to 10.5.8 sometimes leaves "CodeResources" files in the wrong location. Print Therapy will now relocate these files as part of the symbolic link recreation process. We also fixed a bug that would incorrectly identify FileVault user directories and a bug that identified the _usbmuxd system user as a local user account during the permission repair process.

Spotless 3.0 released. This is the Snow Leopard compatible version of our award winning Spotlight metadata management tool. As well as being updated for Mac OS X 10.6, we optimized the underlying code and fixed a few bugs. The main window can now be resized in any direction. We will be adding more features soon.

Print Therapy 6.0.6 released. This version adds Mac OS X compatibility, fixes a bug that would cause errors if any user directory path contained one or more spaces, fixes a bug that may have caused a trial version to expire upon first launch, fixes a bug that prevented the cupsd.conf file pop-up menu from populating if Print Therapy was not in admin free mode during launch and fixes a bug that prevented the cupsd.conf legacy file test from running if Print Therapy was not in admin free mode during launch. Also in this release, the main window can now be resized. The size and position are retained between launches. We have also added a preference option to set the test result view font size or allow the font size to scale with the window.

Print Therapy 6.0.5 released. This version adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5.7, fixes a bug that may have caused unexpected results if the permission repair process was stopped and restarted, fixes a bug that left the preference file deletion button active when no files were selected and adds additional startup checks to make sure the cupsd.conf file is compatible with the installed version of CUPS.

Introducing a new Family License option. Print Therapy 6.x, Printer Setup Repair 5.x, Spotless 1.x and Spotless 2.x are now available for purchase under a family license which allows the software to be installed on up to 5 separate systems for one low price. Previous registered users who purchased single user licenses have the option to sidegrade into a family license and we have also made it possible to upgrade from a previous version's single user license into a current family license. All of the licensing options are available in our online stores. Please email us if you have any questions about upgrading or sidegrading. We are happy to be of assistance.

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